Spot Creative Arts Space is 4 dedicated spaces to foster local artists, community, and education in Chattanooga.

Whether you are an artist looking to share knowledge and expertise by conducting classes, find a place to practice and share your craft, or learn a new one by being a student, you can find your creative space at Spot.  We are a community of creative professionals cultivating our love for movement, expression, and health in the Chattanooga, TN area. We host events, workshops, and camps that bring our community closer as they find the joy in movement, creative expression, and knowledge. We welcome educators (even novice) and those who need to choreograph their craft and offer some equipment  included in hourly rate.


Our three studios, Sun, Moon, and Eclipse provide different experiences, learn more about their potential and booking opportunities by clicking their link above. Each provide a space for local artists to share and strengthen their expertise and wisdom in different ways.


Our venue space is an all ages venue that is perfect for your next large event. It is open for concerts and shows, as well as weddings and speaking events. Venue has some equipment available for use. Check out the Venue tab above to learn more about what this space has to offer.

Ballet Esprit

Beginner-level classes for adults or children.

Kung Fu

Weekly Adult and Children’s Kung Fu classes, Adult Tai Chi classes. An invaluable opportunity to learn from Master Ziwei Guo!

Eclipse Studio

  Eclipse studio is a studio focusing on inner reflection and performance expression. With a small stage and some instruments available, Eclipse studio has everything to fit your small performance needs. This studio is used for music lessons, imorov and...

Moon Studio

Moon studio will be a studio focusing on education and visual arts. It is currently being renovated to better suit its potential and will become available at the end of January 2018.

$ 30 per hour

Available inventory list is available including tables, chairs, and some supplies – please inquire about our available inventory when booking.

Sun Studio

Sun studio is an open space that mostly focuses on physical health, and is also available for your next small-scale event. In the past we have held yoga, ballet, hip hop, martial arts, Pop Up Project events and rehearsals, and more.  Rates: $ 75 per hour We are open...

ValleyHeart & Mountains Like Wax

7 PM | November 30, 2017

SPOT Social Feeds

SPOT Athletic Arts Venue

Providing creative space for the athletic arts community to reach and explore its full potential.
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
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Calling all mice, dolls & dreamers🎁
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue2 weeks ago
K U N G F U K l D S
Master is baaaack.
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday’s 5-6:30pm Master Guo is giving Kung Fu classes to ages 6+
Cost is $175 for 12 Classes. This includes registration. Parents are invited to take class as well, for the same price!
Ziwei’s adult class meets Saturday mornings 9-10:30am
Cost for adults is $240 for 12 Classes.
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
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For you all and all the things that matter, especially @lance_chappell my love🖤
And about Black Friday...
Ballet & Cocktails🍸with @_sarah.yvonne_, myself & @balletesprit
this Friday 2-3:30pm.
Dance off the Black Friday Blues💃🏼
Open Community class. $15. Bring a friend. Perfect for beginners!
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
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Don’t Miss our Friends at the Hip-hop festival this weekend!! Big shout out to all our peeps at Hip-Hop CHA
Keep up the great work!! You guys are a part of what makes Chattanooga awesome!!
SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
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Hip Hop CHA festival coming to Chattanooga this weekend
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