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Learn Kung Fu from Master Ziwei Guo

Master Ziwei Guo is sharing his expertise in Kung Fu & Tai Chi @ SPOT Chattanooga. Sign up now for a 12 week session providing an invaluable opportunity to learn from A Master! 

Nooga Kids Kung Fu

Ages 6+

$175 per 12 week session- 1.5 – 2  hr classes 

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm


Adult Kung Fu

Ages 15+

$240 per 12 week session- 1.5 – 2  hr classes 

Classes Coming Soon


Community Tai Chi

Coming Soon

Hosted By

Master Ziwei Guo

Master Ziwei Guo

Kung Fu Master

Master Instructor of Tai Chi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan. Formal training began at age six in Shaolin Martial Arts in Nanjing China. Master Ziwei has won many metal at the provincial and national levels. He has been in many Chinese martial arts films. Master Guo is a sanctioned 1st degree judge of martial arts and competitions in the 6th degree of martial arts. He is very patient with adults and children of all levels, an excellent teacher. He is looking for those dedicated to the practice and willing to focus with long-term goals. He offers year-round weekly classes until he is called to China for months at a time to train the Chinese Police Force. We are so fortunate to host him through his duration in The US.