Classes and Services Offered at SPOT

Kung Fu

Master Ziwei Guo is offering his expertise in Kung Fu & Tai Chi at SPOT. Classes meet weekly. Adult and Children’s Kung Fu , Adult Tai Chi. Sign up now for a 12 week session providing an invaluable opportunity to learn from A Master! 



Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is described just as the name implies, you are to leave class feeling restored. The movements are gentle with focus on the breath to build self-awareness, find relaxation, and to allow the body to passively realign itself. All levels and all bodies are welcome.

Children's Beginning Ballet Series

Beginning Ballet Spring Startup Series goes through May 30th at SPOT Athletic Arts Venue
Tuesday’s 4:30-5:30pm
Ages 6+ $70.00
Contact register

Adult Ballet

Beginner Classes are on the schedule for mornings & evenings throughout the week. Sarah infuses Therapeutic Barre with classical & contemporary techniques to offer  a well rounded foundation for any dance genre. Enjoy small classes with plenty of individual attention. $15 drop in, with packages to suit your budget❣

Venue Space

Providing Venue space for workshops, music, weddings and so much more. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your booking.

Workshop/ Event / Venue

Providing space for workshops in your athletic arts, health, nutrition and various other aspects. Please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your booking.